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David Agnew to perform ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ alongside Dublin String Quartet at Ashbourne 2024 Film Festival

David Agnew - Ashbourne 2024 Film Festival

We’re very impartial to the music that makes cinema come alive. This year at the Ashbourne 2024 Fim Festival we’re extremely excited to announce that David Agnew will be performing a rendition of “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the 80’s classic movie “The Mission” with the Dublin String Quartet.

The song “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the movie “The Mission” is a profound piece of music composed by Ennio Morricone, one of the most celebrated film composers of the 20th century. The piece is played within a pivotal scene of the film, where Father Gabriel, portrayed by Jeremy Irons, climbs the falls in the jungles of South America to reach the indigenous Guarani community. He introduces himself through the lilting, soft melody of his oboe. The music, with its delicate and serene tones, serves as a bridge of communication between cultures, transcending language and initial mistrust.

Morricone’s composition is masterful in its simplicity and emotional depth. The oboe’s solo melody evokes a sense of peaceful solitude and divine inspiration. As the piece unfolds, it draws listeners into a reflective and almost spiritual state, mirroring the movie’s themes of faith, redemption, and reconciliation. The music not only enhances the emotional landscape of “The Mission” but elevates it, allowing viewers to feel the internal struggles and profound faith of the characters. Through “Gabriel’s Oboe,” Morricone effectively sets the tone of the film, using music to express complex human emotions and the profound impact of cultural and spiritual connections.

Join us at the Ashbourne 2024 Fim Festival on May 25th in the Vue Cinema Ashbourne. For more details please visit and EventBrite for tickets which are available from €15 with additional discounts for OAP’s and Students.

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