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The Pageturner selected for Toronto Film Festival

Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival

The Pageturner short film has just been selected for the Toronto TOFFFF Film Festival, but you don’t have to go to Toronto to see it,come down to The Vue Cinema, Ashbourne on the 20th June 2023 to see the premiere and lots of other movie goodies!

The Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival (TOFFFF) celebrates and highlights the works of female filmmakers. Held annually in Toronto, Canada, the festival aims to promote gender equality and diversity in the film industry by providing a platform specifically dedicated to showcasing the talents and perspectives of women in film. Being selected for a short film screening at the Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival holds significant prestige and recognition within the industry.

The festival’s focus on showcasing female filmmakers brings attention to their unique voices, storytelling abilities, and cinematic achievements. Being chosen for the festival lineup is a testament to the filmmaker’s talent, creativity, and dedication. The Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival attracts industry professionals, distributors, and enthusiastic audiences, offering an opportunity for filmmakers to gain exposure, network, and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about gender equality in film.

The festival’s commitment to empowering and supporting female filmmakers creates an environment conducive to fostering new opportunities and partnerships. Additionally, the festival offers feedback sessions and panel discussions, providing a platform for filmmakers to receive constructive criticism, engage in meaningful dialogue, and further develop their craft.

Latest News

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